Jelly in fuel

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I have a 67 Lotus  Élan and keep getting a jelly like substance in the fuel which blocks filters, any ideas?



Chris Martin
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Try to avoid ethanol blends.  If the fuel tank was coated inside with a sealer, this can be attacked by ethanol and it will slowly strip it all off and flush it straight to the filters (if you're lucky).  Worse, it can bugger up pumps, carbies and injectors. 

If you are not using an ethanol blend then, ignore the above.

Chris M


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I had this a number of years ago - well before ethanol was added.  It was down to me sealing the level sender flange with silicone rubber some of which dropped into the tank whereupon it swelled up and used to block the pipe - generally at a critical time like overtaking a lorry.   Pull in to the side of the road, take off the carb pipe, blow down hard and petrol would flow again - for a while!

As many old Elan tanks have probably pinhole rusted at the bottom I wouldn't be suprised if a tank sealer has been used in the past and that the Ethanol fuel is attacking it.  As I generally do less than a 1000 miles a year in my old cars I now run them on the more expensive Ethanol free Shell petrol.  The extra cost per litre is pretty small compared to all the other costs associated with running an old car and if what others say about the corrosion of metals caused by the Ethanol it might save the cost of a new set of Webers in the future as well.