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AUSTIN MAXI 1500/1750

5-door 5-seater hatchback.

Last front-wheel drive design from ailing BMC combine, introduced by British Leyland under duress. First 1500s, with cable gearchange, truly awful, but for 1971 model year 1500 and 1750 were better bets. First corporate use of overhead cam E-Series engine (later 'R' and now 'S' in modern Austins), with five-speed box and Hydrolastic suspension, in transverse unit layout. Automatic option (1750 only) for 1973. No 1500s after 1979, and all Maxis dropped to make wax for Maestro.

Technical Specifications

1485cc/1748cc (S4 Tr OC) 
Front engine, front-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1969 to 1981  
Number produced: