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BMW 2000C/2000CS

2-door 4-seater coupé.

With shape harking back to sixties-type Bertone-style 3200CS, this first 'New-Class' coupé was based on underpan and all running gear of 2000 (not 2002 saloons),  but with body shell and assembly by Karmann in northern Germany. Recognised not only by famous grille, but by rather 'oriental' headlamp style. Choice of engines - 2000C with 100bhp, 2000CS with 120bhp (and 115mph top speed) - but automatic only on 'C' model. The forerunner of famous six-cylinder coupés.

Technical Specifications

1990cc (S4 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1965 to 1969  
Number produced: